In 2015 over 1,300 rhinos were poached for their horn. 

In 2016 4 tons of poached pangolin scales have been confiscated. 

These animals are quickly being wiped out because of the human misconception that rhino horns and pangolin scales have medicinal properties. The truth is both the horns and scales are made of keratin, the same substance that makes up human nails!
We called on the artistic community to help spread the message. Many artists created artworks using nail clippings to illustrate how rhino horn and pangolin scales are really just giant toenails. Kids joined the campaign painting their feet like rhinos with toenails for horns. 
You might be thinking this all sounds a bit gross...we know! But that is the point. These animals are being killed in masses so people can ingest horns and scales that are made of the same materials as our toenails. We want to gross them out!
The Conference of the Parties to CITES starts in just 3 days and we demand that pangolins and rhinos receive more protection from illegal trafficking. 
View all the art created for Just Giant Toenails at #justgianttoenails

  • See our infographic detailing rhino and pangolin poaching here
  • Read the full project description and call for art here
  • Get kids rhino art project ideas here
  • See all the work on the JustGiantToenails hashtag here
Thank you to all the talented artists who participated in our campaign. Please keep posting your pangolin and rhino artworks!
Oh and could you please share this post to help us help animals? Use #JustGiantToenails and thanks!


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