Siberian Tiger Population Dropping...

A few days ago, the Wildlife Conservation Society released a report that shows the last remaining population of Siberian Tigers has declined significantly, due to poaching and habitat loss. The 12 year average showed a 40% decline.

In the late 40's only 30 of these magnificent cats were known, and the population had recovered to 500 animals by 2005. However, in the past 4 years a trend of declining tigers has been noticed.

On this, Dr. Dale Miquelle, of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Russian Far East Program comments:
"The sobering results are a wake-up call that current conservation efforts are not going far enough to protect Siberian tigers. The good news is that we believe this trend can be reversed if immediate action is taken."
(via Science Daily)

Photo credit: John Goodrich/Wildlife Conservation Society (click to zoom!)

I also wanted to share with you the amazing image above --- of a Siberian Tiger being released by conservationists, after it was rescued from a snare set by poachers. Blast off! What an amazing beast!

The 400 pound tiger was discovered by Russian students who were hiking nearby, and hearing its roars of distress, went to investigate and then alerted a forest guard whose cabin was a few miles away.

A team of experts was immediately called in: the Bronx Zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society worked in concert with the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources' Inspection Tiger and the Tiger Response Team to free the tiger, which was then checked for injuries, and briefly detained so that its health could be insured and it could be collared.

"The release went well," said WCS scientist John Goodrich, who assisted with the tiger’s rescue and release. "The tiger leapt from his cage about a minute after the door was opened. He then bounded about 20 meters into the forest, stopped, turned, and growled, before walking calmly away."

The Wildlife Conservation Society is currently running a matching donation program. If you'd like to give to help conserve these powerful and awe-inspiring animals, your donation amount will be doubled through Dec. 31st.

Plus, if you do this, tomorrow when you get out of bed, you'll feel as good as this guy did, bursting out of the back of that truck! Shazaam!!*

(*Results not guaranteed...but coffee helps.)


  1. That tiger busting out of his cage is such an amazing image and my new inspiration in life.
    I think there is a Soundgarden song about that... and a Bon Jovi. LOL.

  2. I don't think he busted out. The cage door is open. It looks like they are releasing it. Still an awesome picture non the less though.

  3. Thanks for your comment. We do know that the tiger was being released into the wild, as we wrote about in the article. "Busting out" is the vernacular for "exiting in an awesome way" which this particular feline is surely doing.

  4. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! love those siberian tigers

  5. Nice pic... wonderful animal

  6. I lve Siberian tigers-- they are so beautiful! <3

  7. The most beautiful of all tigers.

  8. Hello i am writing to ask if it would be possible to use one of your photos in my school project. MY school project is about animals that are in danger. It would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks, ella :)

  9. Hi Ella,

    The photo is by John Goodrich/Wildlife Conservation Society.


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