ESPP on Eyes on Conservation Podcast

We are just as pleased as punch to have been interviewed by Matt Podolsky for the Eyes On Conservation (EOC) podcast.  EOC airs a weekly podcast featuring projects at the intersection of art, science, and conservation. Interesting stuff! You can listen to ESPP on EOC here.
Jenny and I chatted about our individual art backgrounds, why we started ESPP, and how we collaborate with other artists. Jenny even reveals her favorite ESPP print! And if you listen you will find out what plant or animal species will be depicted in the next ESPP print.
If you are new to the EOC podcast then a treasure trove of interesting conversations awaits you. Recent podcasts include discussions on the journey from field biologist to filmmaker, American kestrel conservation, and a 3,000 mile-long trek across the American West on wild mustangs to film Unbranded (a documentary which I personally cannot wait to see).
Eyes on Conservation is a project of Wild Lens, a not for profit video production company focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues. They work alongside other non-profit organizations, independent researchers, and government agencies to produce documentary films that inspire change. From their site...
Our approach towards filmmaking is unique in that we aim to tell stories from the perspectives of those who are working on the front lines of conservation issues across the globe.... All of our producers have a background in both wildlife biology and video production and know better than anyone that every conservation issue is unique and requires an individual approach.
ESPP first connected with Wild Lens & their Eyes on Conservation project through the organization VivaVaquita!  As you know if you receive our newsletter, (the autumn newsletter was jam-packed full of ocean conservation read it here or join our mailing list) the Vaquita is in serious decline with less than 100 individuals remaining. The count was around 250 when ESPP first released Noah Scalin's vaquita print and now is around 77 vaquitas.  

EOC is currently working on a feature-length documentary on the vaquita titled Souls of the Vermillion Sea. The vaquita, in addition to being rare, is notoriously difficult to observe in the wild so they have their work cut out for them.  It has been predicted that, unless dramatic action is taken, the vaquita will be extinct in 3 years.  EOC's film will document this critical stage in vaquita conservation over the next 3 years. Learn more about Souls of the Vermillion Sea here.
Have a listen to our conversation on the EOC podcast and let us know what you think in the comments! You can also listen on itunes.
And be sure to check out the EOC films too! Just click here


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