New Prints fromThe Endangered Species Print Project

Emerging artists Aaron Johnson, Matthew Hilshorst and Justin Richel have created 3 crazy-colorful prints for The Endangered Species Print Project. Read on to feast your eyes, echo-locators, whiskers, sonar and antennae upon...

The Philippine crocodile is the world's most severely threatened crocodile species and one of the world's most endangered reptiles. Your purchase of this print will support the Mabuwaya Foundation, who rears hatchling crocs to be released into the wild. Who can resist hatchlings of any sort? Or Aaron Johnson's work which has been described as visceral, oozing, and intricate. Oh, and "explosive blasts of protoplasm."

Back by popular demand it's Matthew Hilshorst, ESPP's resident plant painter, with his charming rendition of The Lakeside daisy. Although there are only 40 populations of this Great Lakes region flower left in the wild, conservation efforts are promising. Hilshorst's painting seems to capture that hope. Your purchase of this print supports the work of The Center for Plant Conservation. Matt's other print is almost sold out, so get this one while you can!

Justin Richel's seemingly off-balance stack of 7 Guam Micronesian kingfishers conveys what he refers to as  "...a sense of the precarious nature of existence." The existence of these beautiful birds is precarious indeed; Guam Micronesian kingfishers are now extinct in the wild. Your purchase of this print supports the successful Guam Micronesian Kingfisher Species Survival Plan® at Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo.

Read More about these species, artists and organizations on our website.

And... just so you know, if you haven't black-Friday'ed and Cyber-Monday'ed your bank account away ESPP prints make rather lovely holiday gifts. Indeed ESPP prints are 2 gifts in 1! No we aren't giving away a set of ginza knives if you order in the next 10 minutes. When you give ESPP you give the art lover/animal nerd in your life a beautiful print and a donation to a conservation organization. Order by DEC. 16TH to ensure holiday delivery!

+ 2011 News from ESPP +

Great polar bear in the sky, it has been ice ages since the last ESPP newsletter! Here are some ESPP-related highlights since our last report...

ESPP presentations have been seen and heard at Ryerson Woods, Azimuth Projects, and Root Division.
ESPP prints were exhibited at Kristi Engel Gallery in LA, Root Division in San Francisco and the 2011 Wild Things conference in Chicago.
ESPP's work for The Center for Biological Diversity's endangered species condoms has won 2 Addy Awards and was featured in the New York Times! The condoms have gone into multiple printings and to date over 450,000 of these things have been given away. Zoiks!
ESPP's silverback Jenny Kendler currently has a solo exhibtion of her artwork at Ada Gallery in Richmond, alpha-male Christopher Reiger recently returned from a stint as Artist-In-Residence at The Everglades National Park, and queen bee Molly Schafer recently exhibited her illustration work at the Puget Sound Mycological Society. 

And don't forget, 100% of the proceeds from The Endangered Species Print Project's limited-edition prints support the critically endangered species they depict. Editions are limited to the species' remaining population count.

Season's Greetings fromThe Endangered Species Print Project!


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