Earth Day Party!

In what promises to be a fun event, ESPP will be celebrating Earth Day with the folks from Karen Marie Salon in Chicago. Hors D'oeuvres by local favorite Irazu. And if regular wine isn't bougey enough for you there will be organic wine! We jest, everything is better organic.

There will also be a raffle with enticing prizes to benefit Alliance for the Great Lakes and um...massage chair!

Karen Marie is an eco-consious salon with upcycled interiors, eco-friendly products and practices and... Trisha Star, best hair-doer lady ever.

Two ESPP artists will be on the scene and featured ESPP prints will be available at a discounted price during the run of the show.  A sampling of ESPP prints will be on display at the salon for the next month.

This Friday April 22nd at 6 pm. More details here.


  1. I want to come! Luckily I'm going to an Earth Day party in Minneapolis where they will be handing out the endangered species condoms :)

  2. How did it go? Where the endangered species condoms a hit?


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