Spotlight on Endangered Species Condoms : Madagascar

Some news from our friends at The Center for Biological Diversity, about the Endangered Species Condoms illustrated by Molly Schafer & Jenny Kendler of ESPP:
In the process of giving away 350,000 Endangered Species Condoms in 2010, the Center for Biological Diversity heard a lot of fun and interesting stories from the thousands of volunteer distributors who helped with our human overpopulation campaign. One of the best came from Karen Samonds in Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar -- 10,817 miles from our headquarters in Tucson, Ariz. Karen works with Sadabe, a nonprofit that "recognizes that human health and development depends on natural ecosystems, while the conservation of biodiversity depends on human decisions." Since one of the most important of those human decisions involves reproduction -- and the dynamic of our unsustainable population growth driving the planetary extinction crisis -- Karen distributed the condoms during the family-planning portion of a women's health workshop in Tsinjoarivo.
According to Sadabe's website, biodiversity-rich Madagascar is just the place for this sort of work: "We seek to develop novel and innovative ways to promote the coexistence of people and wildlife at Tsinjoarivo, and elsewhere where humans and wildlife come into conflict." Kudos to Sadabe for making that effort, and many thanks to Karen for making our condoms a part of such great work.
Right now, the Center is sending out 50,000 Endangered Species Condoms for volunteers to hand out on New Year's Eve as a fun and informative way to highlight the connection between human overpopulation and over-consumption, and the extinction of species. Learn more about Endangered Species Condoms, overpopulation and Sadabe.


  1. That is a lovely way.There has to be many ways of saving the earth and there are many NGO and concerned agencies doing the good piece of work in spreading the message of protecting the earth.


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