Happy HOWLidays from The Endangered Species Print Project

Forget the Naughty. This Season ESPP is Twice as Nice!

That's right, we've got 2 red wolves, 2 marine mammals, and 2 gifts in one. When you give ESPP you give the gift of art, along with a donation to an important conservation initiative.

Endangered Species Print Project Presents:
This December we have released the wolves! Our newest prints both depict the critically endangered Red wolf. Two gorgeous prints by two popular artists. How will you ever decide between them? There are only approximately 100 Red wolves remaining on our planet so help them out by buying a print. As with all ESPP prints, 100% of the purchase prices goes directly to conservation. Plus, the good karma will help you to makes Santa's "nice" list.

ESPP also recently released two fantastic under the sea prints, celebrating our love of marine mammals: the Vaquita, a mini porpoise, and the North Atlantic Right whale who weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of 139,700 pounds! With a variety of artistic styles and species to choose from we have something for everyone (cool) on your list.

Read more about each of our new prints below...

Red Wolf prints by artists Christopher Reiger and Susan Jamison

The red wolf once occupied a range that extended over the forests, swamps, and coastal plains of the southern and eastern areas of the United States, as far west as Texas and as far north as New York.  By 1980, the species was extinct in the wild. Today that number is up to 100! Both Reiger and Jamison's work articulates an understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Their ESPP prints convey the tenuous position of the Red wolf species. We've printed a highly limited edition of only 100 of each on our sustainable and luxurious bamboo paper. All the proceeds support Red wolf conservation and breeding programs at Point Defiance and Mill Mountain Zoos. 

Vaquita print by artist Noah Scalin
Noah Scalin, of the popular blog and book Skull-a-Day, was inspired to work with arranged embroidery floss to depict the Vaquita, the Earth's smallest porpoise, after reading how entanglement in fishing nets is the leading cause of death for the species. His beautiful print is a limited edition of 250 and supports ¡Viva Vaquita!

North Atlantic Right Whale print by artist John Vilhauer
A quick survey of our under 13 audience confirmed that this happy-go-lucky whale is sure to bring a smile to the younger species on your holiday list...along with teaching the importance of biodiversity!  The 2009 population count of North Atlantic right whales found only 438 whales.  All proceeds from the sale of this whale go to The North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium.
100% of the proceeds from The Endangered Species Print Project's limited-edition prints support the critically endangered species they depict. Editions are limited to the species' remaining population count. To see more spectacular species head to http://endangeredspeciesprintproject.com
Happy Holidays from ESPP!
- Molly & Jenny 


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