New Print Released : Noah Scalin's Vaquita

We're excited to share our newest print with you all --- the gorgeous Vaquita print by artist Noah Scalin. (Be sure to click the image to see if full size.) Noah has been a long time friend of mine, and I love the beautiful piece that he created for ESPP.

Our first photographic/object-based piece, Noah's print was made by carefully arranging tangled threads to form the shape of the little porpoise. He decided to create the print in this way because the main threat to the Vaquitas (of which only an estimated 250 remain) are the nearly invisible gillnets which fisherman use in the Gulf of California. Vaquitas, being mammals that need to breathe air, become entangled in these nets and drown. It is estimated that between 39 and 84 individuals die this way each year, an obviously unsustainable toll on the naturally small population.

Noah's piece, which existed only for a short time, was intended to reflect the tenuous existence of these charming creatures that live in the shallows and lagoons of the Gulf of California. Please also check out Noah's website and his extremely popular project Skull-a-Day, which spawned a super cool book, and even landed him on Martha Stewart's show! Who knew the Martha was into skulls?

Noah's print benefits the wonderful organization ¡Viva Vaquita!, which is working at full tilt to change the situation in the Gulf --- in a way that will be beneficial to local fisherman, while also saving the Vaquita from the brink of extinction. Please check out our site to purchase a print. As always, 100% of the purchase price will support this great organization's work.


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