Tiger Tuesday!

September 26th, 2010 is International Tiger Day and we're gearing up here at ESPP with a series of Tiger Tuesday posts. Today we'll be sharing some awesome camera trap images with you and asking you to take one small action to help international efforts to save the species. 

image: Wildlife Conservation Society

With an estimated 3,000 tigers remaining there is a very real chance that the species will go extinct in your lifetime.  Shockingly there are more tigers in private holdings in the state of Texas than there currently are in the wild!

This fall world leaders will meet to negotiate a plan to prevent the extinction of the wild tiger, it is critical that we make sure the United States shows leadership on this issue and gives tiger conservation its full backing.  You can easily tell Congress to Support the Global Conservation Act of 2010 here.

And view the following video and images...

From World Wildlife Federation: "Close up footage of a tiger and two cubs, the first time that WWF has recorded evidence of tiger breeding in central Sumatra in what should be prime tiger habitat. The images have led to renewed calls for stronger measures against poaching and the rapid deforestation of tiger landscapes on the Indonesian island."

An Amur (Siberian) Tiger at Hunchun National Nature Reserve
image: Hunchun National Nature Reserve

Sumatran Tiger
 image: Fauna & Flora International/DICE

An Indian Tiger in Bandhavagargh National Park, India

Cooling off in a watering hole in Bandhavgarh National Park, India

image: Michael Nichols


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