2010 is the Year We Should Have Finally Made a Change

EDGE has updated their site to include a new section on coral reefs. The page begins with a short film narrated by a girl living in the year 2065.  She learns of coral reefs from her grandfather, as they have sadly not existed in her life time. Luckily this is a fictional account and there still time to ensure it remains so, but only if we act. As the grandfather of the film states "2010 is the year we should have finally made a change."

I can't think of a better(worse) catalyst for that change than the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill.

EDGE estimates 1-3 million species of plants and animals live on coral reefs. Climate change is the clear and present danger to coral reefs. EDGE suggests that reducing atmospheric CO2 to below 350 ppm will help to slow climate change and it's effects on the reefs.

Watch the film and learn more here.


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  2. GREAT Video! Thank you for posting this.


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