Lonesome G's Tortoise Tips : Introduction

In the spirit of the past few posts about how we can all step up to the plate and help out, we're starting a new section on the ESPP blog, dedicated to our pal Lonesome George.

Lonesome George is the name given to last member of the most endangered species on the planet, the Pinta Island Tortoise (Geochelone nigra abingdoni), and the mascot/logo of the Endangered Species Print Project. While other somewhat related Galapagos Tortoises species still exist, Lonesome George is the last member of his species.

Pinta Island's vegetation was devastated when human beings introduced feral goats to the island, and when and Lonesome George was discovered in 1971, it's possible that he has already been alone and mate-less for some time. Efforts to interbreed George with related female turtles of other species, have sadly been unsuccessful, producing only non-viable eggs.

Because we all want to do everything in our power to prevent more last lonesomes on the brink of extinction, let's all pull together, take the time to change our lives for the better, and be sure to pass the word on to our friends, family, and strangers on the bus. We need a groundswell and your help and engagement is vital!

So, Lonesome G is going to be bringing you suggestions from and for everyday life, that in the end can make a big impact on the health and biodiversity of our planet. They are simple things that have occurred to us in our daily lives --- and we also welcome your comments or emails with suggestions! We're going to try to come up with things that you may not have thought of before, or give a new spin on things that you may already know about. Some will be big and others small, but everything counts.

We should all be thinking about how every action we take impacts our environment, and the planet we'll leave to our children.
Things like turning off the tap water when we brush our teeth, or drying your hands on your pants, instead of taking 100 paper towels ---- we like to call this mini-activism. And it matters!

We also ask you to help with the most crucial part. Be sure to pass these tips --- repost them on Facebook using the link below, tell people about them in person, set a good example, and email them to friends & family.

Lonesome G thanks you!


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