A Girl After Our Own (Collective) Heart

The Sierra Club's Grassroots Scrapbook blog tells the story of 11 year old Olivia Bouler. Distraught over the environmental destruction of the gulf coast oil spill Olivia wanted to sell her drawings of birds to help raise money for the Sierra Club's efforts in the gulf.

The fellow artist-conservationist-fundraiser looks to be as busy as we here at ESPP are. But we hope she still has time for homework (yuck) and having fun. That last bit is important Olivia. Years from now when we retire and you take over management of ESPP you will find you have a lot less free time.

If you donate to one of Olivia's designated conservation organizations her mother will send you one of  her drawings. Their project is run through the blog of Olivia's mother who is an eco-friendly architect.

ESPP also appreciated a nice bit of press from the Sierra Club when we were just starting out.


  1. Awe - that is super sweet. For some reason when children do these kind of things it seems so pure and selfless! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and hopeful!


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