Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale born!

Some happy news from the front...A critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale has been born, and even more amazingly, the event was witnessed by researchers from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

However, this happy news has a caveat. The waters in which the mother gave birth are just outside the planned site for a major US Navy installation, The Undersea Warfare Training Range, which is planned to be a stunning 500 sq nautical miles in size. Environmenatl groups and scientists agree that this poses an unacceptable risk to Right Whales, and groups like NRDC and the Humane Society have filed suit.

You can read more about the witnessed birth and the suit in the LA Times, here.

(Oh, and not to spill the krill, but you just might be hearing more about the North Atlantic Right Whale and ESPP --- so keep your blowholes above water. Yeah, I typed that.)


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