ESPP Awakens from Hibernation with Two New Prints!

Generally, we release our new prints "into the wild" one at a time, but to celebrate our return, we've doubled up!

You can take a peek at -- and get your paws on -- our two new prints before they're gone on the ESPP website.

The Javan Rhino print by NYC based artist, writer, and ESPP blog contributor Christopher Reiger supports the excellent work of The International Rhino Foundation. Only 49 of these elusive creatures remain on Earth, so this print is a small edition of only 49.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal print by ESPP founder Jenny Kendler supports the Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team of Oahu. HMSRTO volunteers hit the beach every day to protect the rare seals, as well as running a hot-line for seal-spottings.

100% of the proceeds from ESPP print sales go directly to these organizations, working to conserve species on the front lines. As you know, our prints are limited editions based on the populations of the species depicted. Earlier editions are already running low, so be sure not to miss out!

Keep you binoculars out to spot upcoming prints by Barnaby Whitfield, Aaron Johnson, Matthew Hilshorst, Alison Wheeler, Christopher Reiger, and founder Molly Schafer. Wondering which fascinating and rare species these artists have chosen to support? Continue to check the the blog, ESPP site and Facebook fan page to find out, as we release our newest prints!


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