Endangered Strangers: The Seychelles Wolf Snake

Yep that's me!
I'm the Seychelles wolf snake.
I'm the snake you want to name your band after.
Just imagine the t-shirts...snake bodies with growling wolf heads...
maybe bloodshot eyes...fangs dripping saliva...

The Seychelles wolf snake is named after it's teeth. Long backwards-curving teeth invoking the wolf (dude "Invoking the Wolf" is totally the title of our first album). Seychelles wolf-snakes exhibit two color phases- yellow and dark (dude Dark Phase = title of our second album!).

Seychelles wolf snakes are active during the day and prey upon geckos, skinks and small birds. They can be found only in the Seychelles Islands, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles wolf snakes are at risk of extinction due to habitat degradation and invasive species of both the animal and plant variety. The cinnamon plant Cinnamomum verum was introduced to the island in 1772. Today, veritable forests of Cinnamomum verum exist and the plant continues to invade and degrade the archipelago's natural forests.

Image: © Henrik Bringsøe


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