Endangered Strangers: On Vacay. Holla!

Oh hai. Endangered Strangers are taking the week off. But we no leave you hanging. We hook you up wit dis:

Photograph by Gerd Ludwig, ripped from National Geographic

Pictures of the Wildlife Conservation Society's  top 10 "Rarest of the Rare" species over at National Geographic.

The ESPP elves have been working away in their lil workshops painting pictures of some of these guys. ESPP prints of the Vaquita, the White-headed langur, and the Cuban crocodile will be released in coming months. Seems likely that our resident centaur will paint the Przewalski's horse as well.

Although we think the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat, with only 37 individuals (and even less prints) remaining is pretty rare too.

But we just be tooting our own horn now.


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