Endangered animal sculptures created from...Legos?

"Did I remember to turn off the toaster oven?"

"Who turned up the .jpg compression?"

The Philadelphia Zoo recently opened an exhibit of endangered animals, with one puzzling oddity. As you peer into the enclosures, you may think that you need to up the screen resolution of your eyes, but no...these pixelated guys are made from zillions (that's right, I counted...) of Legos.

For all of you that are ignorant (me) of the long and illustrious history of Lego art, the guys who crafted these critters, Sean Kenney, is at the top of the game --- and the 34 animals he created for the zoo comes in as his biggest project yet, taking over a year to complete.

The species are each accompanied by information about why the animals are endangered and very importantly, how you can help. It's about time that zoos started presenting this kind of message, and let's hope that for these 35 species at least, it's not too late.

"Pixel-monkeys will groom you while you sleep. Also, we will style your hair in a faux-hawk.

Meep. Zorb."

Photos via the Courier Post)


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