Endangered Strangers: Namaqua Dwarf Adder

You can not resist me and my matching sand I am hiding in.........
You will make me famousss Endangered Ssstranger...

I am the Namaqua dwarf adder.
I may be dwarf but I will poison your ass big time...

Little is known about this secretive serpent who is most active at night. True to name, Namaqua dwarf adders reach a maximum length of just 11 inches. They have long, hollow fangs. When not injecting poison into victims these hinged fangs can fold back and rest against the roof of the mouth.

Mining on the coasts of South Africa and Namibia threaten the Namaqua dwarf adder's existence. This adder is also heavily collected for the pet trade. Reptile collecting is limited by a strict permit in South Africa and the regulation is well enforced, even for cases of biological study. Illegal collecting, however, is difficult to control.

Remember humans- you bred dogs and cats to be your pets and now there are many, many homeless dogs and cats. In the US hundreds of these potential pets are euthanized each year because nobody wants them. So please leave the Namaqua dwarf adder in the sand, the chameleons in the forests, the seahorses and corals in the oceans. Go adopt a dog or cat from the shelter.

*Two interweb blurbs report that the Namaqua dwarf adders bite is not fatal to humans...but, well it hasn't bitten too many people (yet) the first bite on record was just in 1981.... and we here at ESPPblog are fans of big boasts from small animals.

Yeah! You try make me pet, I try make you dead.
Eye for eye, thatsss how I roll.

P.S. Hey! Click on that box to peep my sidewaysss roll.


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