Spotted: Lynx rufus

*Update: Even though major new outlets like MSN and The Huffington Post, where we first saw this story, are reporting this non-human Olympian as a lynx (Lynx canadensis). The International Society for Endangered Cats Canada assures us it is actually a bobcat (Lynx rufus). The content of this post has been updated to reflect this new info. See comments.

Spotted: Lynx canadensis rufus, better known as the bobcat, sneaking across an Olympic downhill ski course near Whistler.

The ICUN lists the status of the bobcat at least concern.

Historically the bobcat roamed throughout the lower 48 states but has been extirpated from parts of the mid-west and the east coast. The bobcat also resides in Canada and Mexico. In all three countries habitat loss is a major threat to the bobcat. Legal harvesting of the bobcat occurs in the US and seven Canadian provinces and it is trophy-hunted in Mexico.

This bobcat's graceful appearance and artful leap over the Vancouver 2010 sign leaves the displays of athleticism by our Olympians look just a little less awesome.

We can't help but wonder what kind of impact the 2010 Olympics are having on Canada's rich and wonderful wilderness. According to news reports on this Olympic lynx that is actually a bobcat locals say that the animal is common around Whistler and can be seen during their mating season.


  1. This is NOT a Canadian lynx. It is a bobcat.

    Pat Bumstead
    International Society for Endangered Cats

  2. Hi Pat,

    I have seen various articles on the Huffington Post, etc. stating that this animal was a Lynx canadensis.

    If this animal is actually Lynx rufus, also known as the bobcat, I'm happy to update our post. And would love more info on how to tell the two apart, or the bobcat in general if you would like to share a little more...

    Otherwise I'll head to your website and read up.


  3. I've updated the post and invited the International Society for Endangered Cats to do a guest post for us. We'd love to know more about endangered cats in Canada and beyond!


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