ReadyMade Magazine and Orion Magazine feature ESPP!

Excitingly, ESPP is featured in not one, but TWO nation-wide magazines this month, the fabulous ReadyMade Magazine, which is about arts, crafts and the Do-It-Yourself spirit --- and the wondrous Orion Magazine, which focuses on nature, culture & place. Head to your local bookseller to find copies of these great mags, and thanks to the editors for featuring ESPP!

Orion features ESPP in their 'Sacred & Mundane' section. Click on the image above to be able to read the piece.
(You'll have to get the magazine to read the nearby piece on a lamp that is chemically lit with one's own blood!)

Above, ESPP appears in ReadyMade's 'Ready, Set, Go' section, as one of their 14 favorite things. ReadyMade just re-designed the look of the whole magazine, and I must say, it looks smashing. You can see our section (fave thing #2) in the upper left in the yellow rectangle. Peep the Panamanian Golden Frog, livin' large. (We are the biggest! Bing bong!)


  1. That's exciting news, J and M! I especially love Orion. Is there a link to their feature...or will I need to wait for the issue to arrive in my mailbox?

    Also, one of the first two ESPP prints I'm doing is done and the other will be done by Sunday. Then, picture time!

  2. love to see golden girls do great things. damn how many g's are in that sentence?

  3. Yey! I hope this publicity helps save some animals.


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