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Though it may not seem directly related to endangered species at first, dire predictions say that un-checked global warming could eventually case the extinction of 1/3 of the planet's species. In my humble opinion, Cap-and-Trade legislation passed in the US and then brought to the world stage (Copenhagen v2.0?) is our best chance --- as it unleashes the forces of entrepreneurial creativity to address the challenge and makes a structured and decreasing limit to emissions with real consequences.

If you're not familiar with Cap-and-Trade, or would like to learn more, this video from our buddies over at Environmental Defense does a great job of laying it all out.

Watch, and then pass it on...


  1. Cap and trade is not a global solution and nothing less will do.

    The world will never be able to agree how to share the pain of cutting emissions or the revenue from cap and trade or carbon taxes. Carbon dioxide spreads globally and needs a global arrangement to sort it. Acid rain was much easier because the problem was local to the emission, so each country could adopt its own solution. Our leaders need to consider alternatives with an open mind instead of going round the same unproductive loop over and over again. I have a simple, effective and potentially popular solution.

    In a recent Times Online live debate see
    85% voted that "Fossil fuel companies should be obliged to sequester an increasing fraction of the carbon content of the products they sell to avoid dangerous climate change". For details on why this proposal would be easier for all countries to agree to than cap and trade or carbon tax, how it would encourage energy saving, renewables and nuclear, how it would be implemented and how it would stop global warming see my blog at


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