Article must to be edited

Alright, so I did edit our Off-Topic article for Bad at Sports about 1000 times, but a typo still managed to slip by. Thankfully, our careful reader and friend Amy caught the mistake, and emailed us this:
Okay so now you know: I'm the typo mafia, I can't help it. It's genetic or something. Anyway, I'm telling you because if it was me I would want to know: "Seeds must to pass through" I think there's a stray "to" in there? Its about the 12th paragraph down about seeds needing to pass through bird poop to germinate, next to one of the bird photos."
So Molly made me this picture:

(click to see larger image)

Bird poop? Engrish? LOLTrees? Good times must to be had!

TGIF readers!


  1. Hi, I really liked your BAS post, thanks!


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