Shagged by a Kakapo!

Come a little closer my pretty...

The video at the end of this post is an excerpt from the BBC series "Last Chance to See: A Search for Animals on the Edge of Extinction." It sounds silly from someone who doesn't even own a TV, but the television programs (or, uh...programmes) in the UK are one of the things that I miss most about the time I lived in London; consistently great programming that was both educational and entertaining, with that ever-present dry British humor.

This excerpt is a bit of silliness that we thought our readers would enjoy, where a critically endangered Kakapo --- a highly unusual ground dwelling parrot that is endemic to New Zealand --- attempts to mate with a man's head. Yep, that's right...his head.

As of today, only 125 Kakapo remain, most of which have been given names by researchers. Because of habitat loss, and predators introduced by human being, Sirocco, the open-minded and adventuresome fellow you see here, may be one of the last of his kind --- unless people can step up to the plate to preserve this wonderful bird. The Kakapo's unusual owl-like face and front facing eyes, adapted for nocturnal life in the undergrowth, as well as it's flightlessness and excellent camouflage make it truly a unique species; a rarity, that if lost, would diminish our heritage as residents of planet Earth.

Keep on the look out for an ESPP print of the Kakapo that is scheduled for release this coming spring and enjoy the video!


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