ESPP Welcomes Christopher Reiger to the Blog!

Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler are very excited to welcome artist and writer Christopher Reiger as the third contributor to the ESPP blog. Christopher has been an ESPP kindred spirit for some time, having helped spread the word about ESPP, and creating an ESPP print of the Red Wolf, scheduled for release in early 2010. We also hear whispers in the trees about other exciting prints that he may have germinating...

We first "met" Christopher a few years back through following his fantastic blog Hungry Hyaena, where he discusses art, ecology, natural history, philosophy and theology. After reading a Hungry Hyaena post on painter Tom Uttech, the two of us encountered Uttech's painting Nin Maminawendam by surprise at Art Chicago, and were left awestruck. We've felt a camaraderie ever since, and are glad to be working together on subject matter that runs deep for all three of us.

Christopher Reiger   
Submerged in His Erotic Mystification
Watercolor, gouache, sumi ink and marker on Arches paper
Christopher shares our wonderment, understanding and concern for the natural world. In his paintings he is interested in "contemporary man's mutable conception of Nature." His skillful and detailed works merge the imagery of science and mysticism into a fluid and evolving whole, which reveals a deep sense of wonder and belonging to an ecosystem unbound by conventional strictures. He maintains a charitable sales model for his art, donating a portion of all sales to select non-profit organizations.
Christopher Reiger
Further Murmuration
Watercolor, gouache, pen and sumi ink on Arches paper 

Christopher Reiger's recent art world activities include his solo show Some Species of Song at Denise Bibro Platform Gallery and a residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. He also contributed the monograph foreword for FORTY: Selected Works by Les Seifer (2001 - 2009).

Please take some time to view more of Christopher's work here. And read more by him here.

-Molly & Jenny


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