ESPP is moving to a new habitat!

*Exciting Late-breaking ESPP Updates*

No we haven’t been hibernating (yet) - we have been busy redesigning The Endangered Species Print Project website! Look for our new, improved site, at this very URL, in the next few days!

For the new site we are switching from the blogger format. So, dear followers of our blog, after the switch please look for our new blog at: and follow us there. We don't want to lose you! The new blog will have more varied and nerdy content. We plan to provide you with conservation news, more about our guest artists, and all the interesting things that come across the ESPP desk we want to share with you. We hope you will be more involved as well.

Besides looking awesome our new site will offer an easier checkout procedure. You will be able to purchase your ESPP prints with the click of one button only through PayPal. So simple you will want to buy one for every lemur on your holiday list ;)

Speaking of Lemurs, also be on the look out for a new ESPP print from guest artist Jerstin Crosby. You may have noticed our recently released print “The Madagascar Fish-Eagle” by Matt Adrian, our very first guest artist. If not see it here – it is quite lovely to behold.

Much thanks to our good pals OtherPeoplesPixels for sponsoring ESPP and making this possible. We are also using OtherPeoplesPixels for our new website. If ever you need a website for your art work, check out OPP and tell’em ESPP sent ya!


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